The 100 Best Ways to Stop Aging and Stay Young Scientifically


There is plenty of hype and hoax when it comes to anti-aging and longevity remedies. The tips offers safe, credible, effective strategies backed up by scientific research. You'll find 100 simple, action-oriented nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle tips that address all aspects of aging from wrinkles, fatigue, and slowing metabolism to strategies for keeping brain, bones, and heart healthy and strong. Most methods take 10 minutes or less.

1. Use Hyaluronic Acid to Fight Age-Related Wrinkles

2. Shield Yourself from the Aging Effects of the Sun

3. Eat Omega-3s for Younger-Looking Skin

4. Use Psychodermatology to Keep Older Skin Supple

5. Stop Squinting to Preserve Firmness

6. Use More than Moisturizer to Heal Mature Skin

7. Repair Aging Skin at Night

8. Use Treatments at Home to Take Years Off

9. Supercharge Your Smile to Look Younger

10. Age-Proof Your Hair

11. See a Dermatologist to Reduce Signs of Aging

12. Rely on Math, Not a Magic Pill, to Keep a Youthful Figure

13. Follow a Mediterranean Diet to Lose Weight and Live Longer

14. Practice Portion Control to Offset an Aging Metabolism

15. Feast on Metabolism-Boosting Foods to Fight Middle-Age Spread

16. Eat Frequently to Stop Age-Related Weight Gain

17. Sip Selectively to Stay Slim and Trim for a Lifetime

18. Escape the Stress-Fat Cycle for a More Youthful Waistline

19. Lose Weight by Addressing Age-Related Sleep Changes

20. Get Your Heart Pumping to Rev Up Midlife Metabolism

21. Weight Train to Reverse Muscle Loss As You Get Older

22. Be Active in Your Free Time to Fight Metabolism Slowdown

23. Focus on Flexibility and Core Work to Maintain Balance As You Age

24. Tools and Tips for a Younger Metabolism

25. Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet to Keep Your Brain Young

26. Eat ″Superfoods″ to Stay Sharp As You Age

27. Exercise to Keep Your Brain Fit for Life

28. Keep Chronic Illness at Bay to Boost Brain Health

29. Set Up a Strong Social Support System to Prevent Cognitive Decline

30. Defeat Depression and Stress to Minimize Brain Aging

31. Increase Your Mental Focus with Mind-Body Techniques

32. Snooze Your Way to a Younger Brain

33. Stimulate Your Brain to Improve Cognition As You Get Older

34. Avoid These Brain Agers

35. Clean Up Your Environment to Slow Brain Aging

36. Use Supplements and Drugs to Keep Your Brain Healthy for a Lifetime

37. Assess Your Osteoporosis Risk Going Forward

38. Step Up Your Strength Training to Reverse Age-Related Bone Loss

39. Add Weight-Bearing Aerobic Exercise to Keep Bones and Joints Young

40. Improve Your Flexibility and Stability to Stay Limber

41. Maintain a Healthy Weight to Reduce Joint Stress and Protect Your Bones

42. Eat Right to Sustain Your Midlife Frame

43. Go Beyond Dairy for Bone-Building Calcium and Vitamin D

44. Heed These Diet Don’ts for Healthy Bones and Joints for Life

45. Preserve Cartilage with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

46. Try Natural Remedies to Strengthen Older Joints

47. Reduce Midlife Joint Pain with Alternative Therapies

48. Discuss Osteoporosis and Arthritis Drug Side Effects with Your Doctor

49. Request New Tests to Determine Age-Related Risk Factors

50. Exercise Regularly to Keep Your Heart Young

51. Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

52. Control Your Blood Pressure without Drugs

53. Watch Your Waistline to Protect Your Heart for Life

54. Get the Nutrients You Need to Stave Off Heart Disease

55. Dodge Diabetes As You Age by Decreasing Sneaky Sugars

56. Tame Stress and Anger to Take Years off Your Ticker

57. Become a Volunteer and Live Longer

58. Use Supplements to Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System

59. Combat the Aging Side Effects of Heart Medicines

60. Let Go of a Grudge for a Younger Immune System

61. Use Mind-Body Techniques to Stop Aging Stress

62. Listen to Music to Restore Fading Immune Function

63. Don’t Skimp on Sleep As You Get Older

64. Use the Power of Touch for Lifelong Immunity

65. Look on the Bright Side to Reduce Immune System Decline

66. Exercise in Moderation to Maintain Immunity As You Age

67. Supercharge Your Diet with Immune-Boosting Foods

68. Take Herbs That Support an Aging Immune System

69. Improve Your Air Quality to Avoid Aging Your Immune System

70. Avoid the Sniffles to Keep Your Immune System Strong for Life

71. Shun the Sun to Preserve a Youthful Immune System

72. Address Underlying Health Issues for a Longer Love Life

73. Check Medication Side Effects That Age You Sexually

74. Increase Your Sexual Confidence As You Age

75. Practice Mindfulness to Renew Romance in Midlife

76. Exercise to Reverse Age-Related Sexual Problems

77. Lift Weights to Boost Fading Testosterone

78. Enlist All Your Senses to Restore Youthful Desire

79. Dial Back Stress to Rev Up Your Love Life

80. Invest in Nonsexual Intimacy to Extend Your Sex Life

81. Discuss Shifting Needs and Desires to Increase Satisfaction As You Get Older

82. Try New Techniques to Refresh a Stale Sex Life or Adapt to Physical Changes

83. Take Herbs and Supplements to Restore a Sexual Spark

84. Wake Up Refreshed for Lifelong Vitality

85. Don’t Let Stress Slow You Down As You Get Older

86. Get Moving to Counteract Age-Related Fatigue

87. No More Naps! Eat to Sustain All-Day Energy

88. Perk Up with Safe Supplements That Restore Youthful Energy

89. Break Out of a Rut to Reignite Your Zest for Life

90. Restore Flagging Energy by Finding New Purpose

91. Boost Energy and Feel Younger with Aromatherapy

92. Bolster Your Social Support to Reverse Declining Energy Levels

93. Don’t Smoke to Live Longer, Better

94. Conquer Couch Potato Syndrome to Stay Fit for Life

95. Don’t Let Your BMI Creep Too High in Midlife

96. Avoid the Typical American Diet to Keep Your Body Young

97. Steer Clear of Chronic Stress to Prevent Premature Aging

98. Don’t Forget to Floss to Preserve Your Health

99. Don’t Let Your Genes Shorten Your Life

100. Don’t Go It Alone As You Age

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Julia Maranan. The 100 Best Ways to Stop Aging and Stay Young: Scientifically Proven Strategies for Taking Years Off Your Body. Fair Winds Press; 1 edition (January 1, 2011). ISBN-10: 1592334490


United States Immigration: How to Obtain Free Legal Assistance



Obtaining Immigration Legal Assistance

U.S.immigration laws can be complicated, especially with recent changes to existing legislation. Often, people wishing to work and live in the United States or to become naturalized citizens find the legal process a challenge and seek expert assistance. Those applying for immigration or naturalization have the option of being represented by an attorney or other accredited professionals from a recognized organization when filing applications or petitions with the USCIS. However, potential immigrants and citizens need to use caution and good judgment so that they do not become victims of fraud. If you decide you’d like to have a lawyer or accredited representative assist you with your USCIS application or petition, this professional must file Form G-28: Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative along with your other documents. Only you or your attorney (or accredited representative) may receive information about your case from the USCIS.

If you cannot afford legal assistance, you may qualify for free or reduced-cost services provided to potential immigrants. Attorneys, immigration lawyers’ associations, state bar associations, and other organizations offer legal assistance to those who need help with immigration issues. If you decide to hire an attorney, he or she should be a member in good standing of a bar association for a U.S. state, possession, territory, or commonwealth or the District of Columbia. The USCIS Web site at www.uscis.gov/legaladvice also provides legal advice. Here, you can find helpful tips for protecting yourself from immigration fraud. Among other precautions, the USCIS recommends that you do the following:

1. Ask for copies of all forms and other documents prepared or submitted on your behalf.

2. Make sure that any professional hired to represent you is legitimate. Ask your attorney for his or her current licensing document and admission number, and contact your State Bar Association to verify this information. Accredited representatives should be members of a recognized organization. Ask to see a copy of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) official recognition of both the accredited representative and the recognized organization.

3. Report any unlawful actions by an attorney or accredited representative to the USCIS, your State Bar Association, or a State Office of Attorney General. In addition, the USCIS suggests that you take the following precautions to avoid becoming a victim:

4. Do not pay for expensive services offered by non-attorneys.

5. Do not sign any forms or documents containing incorrect information.

6. Do not sign blank forms, petitions, or other documents.

7. Do not pay service fees without obtaining a receipt.

8. Do not sign any paperwork that you do not clearly understand.

Accredited Legal Representatives

Accredited representatives must work for a Recognized Organization in order to be eligible to represent you before USCIS and file a Form G-28. They may be authorized to practice before the Immigration Courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and/or USCIS. The best way to protect yourself is to ask to see a copy of the BIA decision granting official recognition to the Accredited Representative and Recognized Organization. Recognized organizations may only charge nominal fees, if any, for providing services in immigration matters. An accredited representative of a recognized organization should honor your request. You may also check the Recognition Accreditation Roster maintained by the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR.)

While other individuals (notary publics and immigration consultants) may assist you by filling in the blanks on pre-printed USCIS forms with information provided by you, these individuals may NOT represent you before USCIS. In addition, notary publics and immigration consultants may only charge nominal fees as regulated by state law. Individuals helping you in this way are required by law to disclose to USCIS their assistance by completing the section at the bottom of a petition or application concerning the “Preparer” of the form.

Finding Low cost or Free Legal Assistance

When help is needed on an immigration issue, it is important that immigrants can turn to a trustworthy and legitimate source of legal assistance. If you are unable to pay for a lawyer, there are some low cost or free assistance options available.
The links below provide resources to help locate low cost or free legal assistance.

3. List of recognized free legal service providers for people in immigration proceedings.

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The Complete Steps to Becoming a United States (U.S.A.) Citizen- eBook Download PDF ePub Kindle iPad


Free Legal Advice Immigration USA- United States

Coming to the USA is exciting -- new people, new places, new opportunities, new customs and new laws! Whether you are considering working for an American employer or pursuing a business investment venture in the United States arena, there are key issues that need to be addressed for your goals to be reached. Unfortunately, all this novelty can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to immigration law. To ensure that you are afforded all of the rights of residency or citizenship in USA, follow these immigration tips.


Becoming a U.S. citizen gives you new rights and privileges: it shows your patriotism, allows you to vote, you obtain government beneļ¬ts, and you are able to able to become a permanent resident of the United States. Being a citizen also carries with it new responsibilities. This guide will inform the reader of how to become a U.S. citizen, and answer some frequently asked questions. This guide is not meant as a substitute for legal advice. Should you have any questions or concerns you should contact legal counsel.


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The Complete Steps to Becoming a United States (U.S.A.) Citizen- eBook Download PDF ePub Kindle iPad FREE