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About the Blog:

What is The Good Life? A good life, some say it is to be wealthy. Others say it is in the contentment and the simple living as long you are with your family. It is living the life according to the Bible or the teachings of Buddha.  

Basically, the good life is a life you would like to life. Every person has its own answer, as long as it is in the bounds of the legal law and your spiritual beliefs.

Buraga.org and this blog, The Good Life! (http://blog.buraga.org) is our attempt to create an online venue for OFW’s to disseminate pertinent information regarding their work and to share their stories to inspire others. 

BURAGA.org is created by a group of OFW for OFW. The blog will not have a specific topic but will have a general theme on physical, mental, social, spiritual welfare of the OFW’s.  This is a direct response to hundreds of conversations with Filipinos abroad who were seeking a new life, and to better understand how they might live abroad, travel abroad, and relocate abroad.

We will endeavor to provide you with relevant information at the same time humor during your loneliness and homesickness abroad.

This site is a community driven website; therefore this blog is in need of a regular article contributor. If you want to post your stories or articles email me at nobong (at) buraga dot org.  We want to hear from You. We want to know about the process you went through to find and select the country and the final destination.

        If you want to support our operations and help pay for our server hosting needs and research efforts, you can email your contribution through PayPal at nobong (at) buraga dot org. Any amount is very much appreciated. All major credit cards are accepted. Maraming Salamat Po!