WARNING: Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Fight- Free Live Streaming


Pacquaio vs Marquez 4 Fight Live Streaming

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 fight is being sold to boxing fans as a pivotal event in the sport's history. After three controversial endings and decisions (seven points separated the two in the past two matches, while the first ended in a draw), there is good reason to consider this an elite match. But watching boxing online could be very tricky at times. Definitely, there are alternatives. You could go to your local sports club with your friends, grab drinks and some wings and enjoy the match live on big screen. Even this might become impossible as you will be depending on your friend's or buddy's availability. You can go alone to a sports club ... but don't you think it's a little boring? You at least need to talk to someone that you know during the fight; crack a few jokes while having a sip on your favorite drinks or having a bite. Let's also not forget that the money you are going to spend just to enjoy one event like this won't be that cheap. Most bars even charge entry fee. Once you are in the bar you will at least order a drink or two. Things just add up and you end up spending more!

So, the option of going to a sports bar is ruled out. What's next? Yes another alternative, which is PPV or Pay Per View. If you have a nice flat screen HDTV, PPV might be worthwhile. But is it? Last time I ordered PPV to watch Manny Pacquiao fight. But I had to pay almost $60 to my cable provider. I wasn't so happy when I saw the bill at the end of the month.

The only advantage I see in PPV with cable companies is that they do rerun the entire month. So, you can watch over and over whenever you want. But we have YouTube for that. Just do a search on YouTube and chances are you will see recorded fights in HD. This alternative doesn't seem that attractive either.

What's left then? Basically, nothing. The only option I see watching live boxing online. Because, when I watch a boxing match online, I can still do many things like checking mail, update Facebook status, tweet and much more at the same time. Isn't that amazing! If you are thinking about watching PacquiaoMarquez 4 live streaming online, consider privacy and safety. Online world can be very ugly and you might end up finding yourself into spammers' hands. Lots of portals will offer free live streaming online. Think twice before watching those free streams. First of all find out why they are offering such service for free. Have a look at their site properly. A good example is that runs adwares and shows too many ads. The streams are choppy and it buffers every 2 minutes. They even harvest emails and spams all those victims. Every time you download so called missing plugin or click on "Play Now" button small software gets downloaded silently and corrupts your registry. After few days, you will see slow loading of your computer. This site was built by a group of Russian hackers who provides illegal feeds only. You might get into trouble watching these illegal feeds as your internet provider is watching what is being streamed on your computer.

The only option left is a paid service. But can you really trust any paid service out there? Satellite Direct, as an example, is the greatest scam of all times. Check out this real review on YouTube: . Satellite Direct is very good in marketing and negotiations with different platforms. They are the biggest seller in ClickBank and it appears that they got a deal with them. Scam products like theirs can't be sold through PayPal due to PayPal's strict policy. So, ClickBank is simply processing sales for them by hiding PayPal on the sales page. If you make a complaint to ClickBank about them, they will simply ignore you since you are not big enough. ClickBank is well known for harboring scammers like Satellite Direct. At one point Satellite Direct used SafeCart (a RevenueWire company) and RegNow (a Digital River company). I am not sure if they are still with them or not.

Satellite Direct pays people to post fake reviews in YouTube. Just do a search and you will be able to judge if they are fake or not. Stay away from these scammers who are charging money and aggregates free feeds in their software. The only difference between a phishing site like and Satellite Direct is that in Satellite Direct, you pay for the same free feed. You can sign up with services like Top Rank or Prime Time Live (UK). As you can see we are selling anything here or even providing you link to any site from where I would get monetary benefits. I just felt like making all of you aware of the spammers and scammers online so that you can stay away from them and make a great choice to watch Pacquiao Marquez 4 live online in HD quality!


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